James "Jimmy"

Fighter Armored to the Teeth


Huge Armor
Steel Balls


Born into a family of nomads that is constantly hounded by the various creatures that plague the lands, Jimmy has traveled constantly and been through many perils. His Tribe is plagued with infighting, which makes it every man for himself, and has a high mortality rate. However due to the circumstances of the tribes nomadic nature the people are forced to stay together and “support” each other. Growing up Jimmy became hardened to the very core from all the horrors and betrayals he’s witnessed. He’s become as stoic as a slab of rock. Virtually unmoved by any trepidations that he encounters, he armors himself to the teeth to show the world that he can never be taken down. A hulking mass of armor and flesh he breaks away from his nomadic tribe to grow in strength and prove to himself that he doesn’t need to rely on anyone. Distrustful of most people because of his tumultuous past he looks for people he can truly rely on, people that will fight with him always.

James "Jimmy"

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